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Something for inspiration:-) It’s nice to sit down to dine and to know that because of your stomach “no one was killed”. Here’s a list of some famous actors who are vegetarians or vegans.


Apu (vegan) (on The Simpsons 🙂
Grant Aleksander
Debbie Arnold
Rosanna Arquette
Richard & Leslie Bach (He is a writer, she was actress in the old Star Trek series (I think).) Source: Any of Bach’s latest books (they say they are so).
Anette Badland
Alex Baldwin (US actor)
Brigitte Bardot (French actress, animal activist)
Angus Barnett (Square Deal)
Drew Barrymore (vegan) Source: Jane Magazine, Premiere Issue
Kim Basinger
Alexandra Bastedo
Meredith Baxter Source: Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
Maureen Beattie
Dirk Benedict (A Team)
Candice Bergen (“Murphy Brown”)
Sandra Berkin
Traci Bingham (Baywatch) Source: BBC Vegetarian Good Food mag, Nov1997
Christopher Blake
Gillian & Gayle Blakeney (Neighbours)
Peter Bogdanovich (director) (vegan) (source: NEXP)
Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show)
Blueberry Borovnisa
Tracy Brabin
Cathryn Bradshaw
Lucy Briers (played Mary Bennet in 1995 “Pride & Prejudice”) Source: “The Making of Pride and Prejudice” book
“Downtown” Julie Brown (former MTV ‘veejay’; now hosts her own TV talk show and has roles in Hollywood movies) Source: Vegetarian Times, Issue 232
Faith Brown
Nicola Bryant
Kirk Cameron (Star of WB show “Kirk”) Source: Teen’s Guide to Going Vegetarian
Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson)
Claudia Christian (“Babylon 5”)
Julie Christie
Margi Clarke — Margi’s Christmas
Rachael Leigh Cook (Film and Television Actress (The Babysitters Club, Tom and Huck, Carpool)/Model)
Bo Corre (Eldorado)
James Cromwell (starred in the movie “Babe”) Source: article in my local newspaper
Sara Crowe
Peter Cushing
Ted Danson (Sam in Cheers)
Amanda Dickinson
Madhuri Dixit (Indian Actress)
Jenny Donnison
Betty Driver
David Duchovny (The X-Files) Source: TV Guide, Dec 21-27,1996 Issue
Christine Elise (Emily Valentine from BH90210, and currently on ER.) Source: I interviewed her in May, 1995.
Mike Farrell (actor, BJ Honeycutt in M*A*S*H)
Pam Ferris
Jerome Flynn (Soldier, Soldier)
Michael J. Fox (Movie & T.V. Star) Source: Animal Rights and You (Ingrid Newkirk narrated cassette tape)
Fiona Fullerton
Jennie Garth (“Kelly Taylor” on Beverly Hills, 90210) (vegan) Source: Peta’s animal times (Spring ’96)
Richard Gere
Sara Gilbert (vegan)
Sheila Gish
Deborah Grant
Jane Grayson
Jill Greenacre
Bob Gunter (screenwriter, Sandlot) (vegan) Source: personal friend
Louise Milwood Haigh (Jodie in The Lodge)
Daryl Hannah
Woody Harrelson (Vegan) (Bartender on “Cheers!”, Star of “Natural Born Killers”) Source: Details Magazine
Nigel Hawthorne
Mariel Hemmingway (played in the t.v. series “Civil wars”) (vegan) Source: veronica gids
Sherrie Hewson (Maureen in Coronation Street)
Dustin Hoffman (actor)
Penny Horner
Reina James
Louise Jameson
Jean Kasem (actress, and wife of Casey)
Cheryl Kennedy
Lindy Lawton
Jarrett Lennon (young actor, in “Social Studies”, UPN; formerly on “Cheers” as “Ludlow” etc) (vegan)
Jennie Linden
Rachel Lindsay (Sammy in Brookside)
Joanna Lumley
Cal Macaninch (The Advocates)
Virginia Madsen (Stated on the Jay Leno show that she is a vegetarian.)
Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter in The Archers)
Bill Maynard
Paul McGann (8th Doctor of Doctor Who) (vegan)
Glenda McKay (Emmerdale)
Ian McKellen
Virginia McKenna
Rue McLanahan (Golden Girls)
Amanda Mealing
Spike Milligan
Hayley Mills
Derin Moore
Jessica Muschamp (Sharon in Neighbours)
Stephen North
Simon O’Brien
Hazel O’Connor
Maureen O’Farrell
Shaunna O’Grady (Bev in Neighbours)
Kate O’Mara
Catherine Oxenberg
Anne Parillaud (Nikita)
Alexandra Paul (Baywatch)
Anthony Perkins
Polly Perkins (Trish in Eldorado)
Rhea Perlman
Mandy Perryment
Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) Source: Vegetarian Times, October 1996
River Phoenix (vegan, deceased)
Brad Pitt (Interview With a Vampier, Legends of the Fall)
Tracey Pollen (Family Ties)
Natalie Portman (The Professional) Source: David Letterman Show, November 28,1996
Pamela Power (Bread, UK TV)
Jacqueline Reddin
Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown) Source: Vegetarian Times, several years ago; also personal knowledge
Linda Regan
Eric Richard (The Bill, UK TV)
Linus Roache (Actor, has appeared in West End (London), Films (eg. Priest) and on BBC tv.) Source: Vegetarian Society of the UK, ‘Vegetarian Living’ magazine (no longer in print), BBC ‘Vegetarian Good Food’ magazine.
Abigail Rokison (Darling Buds Of May)
Carol Royle
Julia Sawalha (actress) (vegan) Source: Radio Times
Jenny Seagrove
Martin Shaw
Brooke Shields
Cathy Shipton (Casualty)
Alicia Silverstone (clueless, batman and robin, the crush, the babysitter) Source: 17 magazine,June 1997
John Gordon Sinclair
Marina Sirtis (Star Trek)
Rob Spendlove
Terence Stamp
Imelda Staunton
Eric Stolz
Jonathan Tristan Talbert Source: Teen Beat. BOP magazine
David Thewlis
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy on Home Improvement) Source: TeenBeat Magazines, interviews with JTT
Niels ‘polleke’ Tijssen (the dutch epuivalent of Corky (the mentally challenged actor)) (vegan) Source: the dutch tv-show Showtime
Rita Tushingham
Liv Tyler (actress and daughter of Steven) Source: Interview on the Rosie O’Donnell show, April 7
Matthew Vaughan (Emmerdale)
Tim Vincent (Children’s Ward)
Kristina Wagner (Felicia on General Hospital) Source: Health Magazine
Lindsay Wagner (vegan)
Clint Walker
Sophie Ward (vegan)
Tom Watt
Dennis Weaver
Tico Wells
Ruth Whitehead (Emmerdale Farm)
Spice Williams (vegan)
Emma Wray
Gretchen Wyler (Broadway and Television Actress)

Source: http://www.vegetarijanstvo.net/


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