Energizing Smoothie For A Successful Business Day

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Finally, it came the long awaited spring, and with it the spring fatigue.

Probably you feel chronically tired and exhausted and you are constantly missing energy.

You can see the solution in nature.

She always has a solution for everything, and you just need to know how to find it.

Go to walk and grab the spring rays of the sun, and by the way gather dandelion leaves and young nettle.


The combination of these two plants, which are real spring treat and a treasure trove of various vitamins and minerals, will be ideal for the battle against spring fatigue and lethargy.
Dandelion and nettle can be added to many dishes, but they can be a part of this morning and energizing smoothies.

½ cup frozen berries chokeberry,
2-3 frozen strawberries,
1 orange,
a few leaves of young nettle,
a few leaves of dandelion,
2 tablespoons of oat flakes,
1 cup water,
1 tablespoon honey or others natural sweeteners, if desired.

* Cup = 250 ml

Peel the orange and cut it into smaller pieces. The leaves of young nettle and dandelion Wash thoroughly under running water.
In a blender put aronia, strawberry, orange, nettle leaves and dandelion, oatmeal and water and mix for at least 30 seconds, until everything becomes thick tan liquid.
According to your taste, add honey or other natural sweetener and mix for about 10 seconds.
Pour into a suitable container and consume smoothie slowly, sip by sip.
If desired, you can prepare a smoothie in more quantity and enjoy it during the day.

You can prepare smoothie the day before, in the evening, but it is still best eaten fresh.

Overcome spring fatigue with these delicious and healthy drink!


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