Ekadasi fasting

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ekadasi fasting

Ekadasi is the eleventh day of the growing and waning moon. As a Jewish-Christian Lord’s Day, it is the day dedicated to God. In Hinduism, special in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Ekadasi is called Hari Vasara, “the day of Lord Hari.”


On Ekadasi devotees of Krishna or fast on water or they do not eat foods that contain grains and legumes. Post on the holy day, according to traditional bhakti traditions, is a sign that a person is walking on the spiritual path. When imbued with devotion, fasting helps a person to progress in bhakti (devotion to Supreme Personality of Godhead)

In addition to fasting on Ekadasi, a devotee pays more attention to the chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, reading the scriptures, prayer and service to the Lord.

Also, with fasting, the vitality of people is going to improve much more better and cure many diseases. Studies have shown that fasting with tea, light soups, juices of fresh fruits and vegetables have higher and better health effect than the fasting only with water.


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