Damodar sabji – Indian stew of various vegetables

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In India , the word sabji applies to all vegetables and vegetable dishes . There are numerous ways of cooking  and combining vegetables and spices . This stew – thick, mushy or rare is usually served hot with chapatis, rice and various attachments such as chutney, salads and the like…


Ingredients ( for 4 people , a main course )

500g of potatoes

2-3 carrots

200g of peas

200g of green beans ( green peas )

1 medium cauliflower


2-3 dl of sour cream

50g of walnuts , chopped

1-2 cup of tomato sauce

spices : turmeric  (curcuma), salt , pepper


Wash all vegetables : carrots cut into sticks , cauliflower separated into flowers , pods into pieces 3-4 cm in length , potatoes into cubes of 2-3 cm .

Take the pot in wich you can put all the vegetables , put water on the bottom , it is sufficient  2-3 inches of water. First, put the cooked carrots and green beans, after about 5 minutes, add the peas and cauliflower. Boil all vegetables, cover and keep at the bottom always a little water , but not too much , because the vegetables will release their water .

Potatoes baked in the oven or deep fried .

When the vegetables are done, add the potatoes and put salt .

In a separate bowl mix the cream , tomato sauce , walnuts , and you can add a little sugar . Add pepper and turmeric and keep all heated with constant stirring until everything is blended . Mix the vegetables and add more water or cream if you want more liquid stew .

One can decorate the leaves of parsley or coriander .


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