Curry – indian mixture of spices – benefits

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In India, curry is the name for a spicy dishes.

The word curry comes from the south Indian word ‘Khari’ which is used for any kind of sauce. The mixture of spices came up with the British who wanted to take home the flavors of India. Most of curry mixtures contains: coriander, turmeric, cumin and fenugrik. Depending on the recipe, you can add another spices: Fenell, cloves, mustard, cardamom, nutmeg, red pepper, black pepper and cinnamon. A real chef always made his own curry. Like most masala, homemade curry has incredibly powerful and aromatic flavor than purchased. You can use curry in most dishes, like sabji, pakoras, and it is best to add it at the end of cooking.

curry powder


Curry is also very beneficial for health and for cleaning blood of toxins because it contains a lot of turmeric, and therefore has a strong yellow color.

The energy content of 100 grams of curry powder is 325 kcal / 1360 kJ. Of this 58% carbohydrate, 14% fat and 12.6% protein. Thanks to the rich composition of spices is an excellent source of minerals manganese (4.3 mg, which makes 215% RDA), iron (29.6 mg, which makes 211% RDA), copper (0.8 mg, which makes 90% of the RDA), magnesium (254 mg, which makes 85% of the RDA), calcium (478 mg, which makes 60% of the RDA), phosphorus (350 mg, which is 44% RDA), selenium (17 mg which makes 31% RDA) and zinc (4 mg, which makes 27% of the RDA ).
It is an excellent source of vitamin E (22 mg, which makes 220% RDA) of vitamin C (100 mg in 100% RDA) of folic acid or vitamin B9 (92.4 mg which makes 46% of the RDA), a good source of vitamins C (11.4 mg, which makes 19% RDA) of niacin or vitamin B3 (3.5 mg, which makes 19% of the RDA), thiamine or vitamin B1 (0.2 mg, which makes 18% of the RDA), riboflavin or vitamin B2 (0.3 mg, which accounts for 17% RDA) and choline and acetyl coenzyme A (64.2 mg, which makes 13% of RDA). Within the curry to 100 g is 33 g dietary fiber, 592 mg of β-carotene (vitamin A), 72 mg of phytosterols.


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