Couscous With Tofu

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Here’s a food that is healthy and delicious, prepared in a jiffy, in a thousand ways. It is couscous, tiny pasta, typical in the North African and Sicilian cuisine. Couscous is known as “the smallest pasta in the world”.
It is produced by grinding and shaping of semolina, a type of durum wheat. It is classified as pasta and has gluten. It is a rich source of vitamin B complex, necessary for the vitality of brain function, maintain energy and immunity, for the production of blood cells and certain hormones.
Minerals present in this African gourmet delicacies are also selenium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese.
It also contains thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.
Couscous is very rich in protein. Foods rich in protein stimulate degradation of enzymes, stabilize blood sugar, helps in wound healing and are necessary for proper growth and development.
Couscous can help maintain the energy of the body, strengthening muscles and better bowel habits.
It has a positive effect on the adrenal function.

The benefits of couscous:

boosts immunity,
improves the digestive system,
prevents the development of diabetes,
cares about the health of the heart and blood vessels,
regulates body weight,
a positive effect on muscles,
preserves the health of the adrenal and thyroid glands,
regenerates the skin, hair, and nails.


Couscous With Tofu

Couscous 500 gr,
dried tomatoes,
4 leaves of Swiss chard,
Sesame oil 200ml,
Integral sesame.

• the method of preparation:
The basic principle of preparation is as follows: 1 part of couscous pour with 1.5 part of boiled water or soup. Immediately hang up and do not open for another 15 minutes (couscous is not cooked, but just leave it to evaporate). Then flip, loose couscous with a fork or stick. Super side dish to any meal is already done! The recipe that follows is a kind of fusion of Arabic and Asian cuisine.

On the spoon of sesame oil fry one large onion. Wash it from the oil and chop into strips 2 dried tomatoes, and add to the onion (this ingredient you can leave out if you can not find this product or do not eat tomatoes).

Add a pinch of unrefined sea salt. Cut 200 g of tofu into cubes of approximately 1 cm, and pour them with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of Arabic spices ,,ras el hanout “(or ground cumin, ordinary curry powder, what you already have).

Mix the tofu that is seasoned with spices from all sides, and insert it into the pan with the onions and sun dried tomatoes. Fry for a few minutes on high heat, and pour with a 1.5 cup of water (or vegetable broth).

When it boils, cut 4 Swiss chard leafs into strips, and insert it into the stew. Cook for 30 seconds, pour the cup of couscous, stir, turn off the burner, cover and do not open a further 15 minutes. Flip open, loose couscous with the stick or a fork and serve sprinkled with fried sesame seeds.


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