Cleaning the body of toxins and heavy metals – Green clay

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How to clean the body of toxins and heavy metals?



In addition to the zeolite which we mentioned in the above article (link), a good cleaner of the body from toxins and heavy metals is also chlorophyll ( and Green clay.



Green clay

With the sun, air and water, which contains vital elements, clay is one of the most powerful and oldest means of physical recovery.

Many generations before us have believed in the power of clay. In ancient Egypt, the healing power of clay was well known. Green clay is used for treating and mummifying pharaohs.

The ancient Greeks used clay to treat fractures: on the fracture they put plaster strips topped with clay mud.

Dioskorid talked about that clay has remarkable healing powers. He believed that the clay has a “divine intelligence” and itself finds and cures all diseases in the body.

Bath with green clay is a very simple method of cleansing the body of toxins and heavy metals.

In a tub filled with warm water, add two cups of green clay. Spend in the bath for 20 minutes, let the water be as warmer.

Through the pores of the skin the clay penetrates the body and draws out toxins and heavy metals.


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