Clean Your Body With Spring Fruit Salad

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If you decide to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and fat then include in the diet as many as you can fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will speed up your metabolism and supply your body with many nutrients.

As a result, you will have improved digestion, clearer skin, better sleep and more energy.
Excellent effect of detoxification is losing of excess weight.

Fruit salad can be prepared from the one fruit that is accessible, and then seasoned with the ingredients that have strong detoxifying properties – ginger, lemon and Ceylon cinnamon.


Ginger speeds up metabolism, lemon helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and cinnamon is the best means to burn fat in the body.


½ pineapple (pineapple fruit, not canned),
1 kiwi,
2 bananas (not overripe),
1 orange,
Aronia berries (frozen),
sunflower seeds.

Ingredients for the topping:

½ lemon,
a small ginger root,
3 tablespoons honey,
1 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon powder.


Clean half a pineapple, oranges, kiwi and bananas from the outer bark. Pineapple and orange cut into cubes of equal size, kiwi and banana into thin slices on the smaller pieces.

Make a dressing for fruit salad. Peel the ginger and squeeze lemon and then put in a blender with honey and cinnamon. Mix well all ingredients.

Put sliced fruit in a bowl for serving, add Aronia berries and pour the finished sauce. Mix well.

Sunflower seeds fry briefly in the pan until they become crispy. Serve them in a special container. Before the consumption of fruit salad sprinkle it with sunflower seeds.

Enjoy healthy and delicious fruit salad!


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    can you able to provide the method or procedure to detoxify ones body.

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