Chi walking – mental benefits

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chi walking

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Rarely do we walk because of the walk itself. We usually walk to get from point A to pint B. Why wouldn’t the goal be relaxing walk which can improve your health?

Study from Illinois University proved that taking the walk three times a week improves mental capabilities like memory or planning abilities.

Besides its mental benefits, regular walk lowers the risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke, and it lowers high blood pressure. It also relaxes you, improves sleep, improves immune system and boosts energy levels and mood.

1. New version of old sport

Everyone went for a walk just to clear their mind at least once. By combining walking with ancient wisdom and principals we get a special form of walking called chi walking. Its goals are moderate exercise, better posture and relaxation.


Chi walking is like meditation on the move because all the attention points to breathing and other processes in body, and by focusing on these things we lower physical and mental stress. Take a deep breath and when you’re exhaling just imagine that you releasing tension in head, neck, back, chest.

While releasing the tension from each part of your body you need to pay attention to each area for few minutes. Pick a spot away from the city rush and traffic. Walk like you have no goal and like you’re not rushing anywhere. Give yourself at least 15 minutes for a good walk.

2. Discover the center of power

If you want to speed up the pace after relaxing walk, slightly lean forward and keep your shoulders above your hips. Pull in your stomach and tighten your butt to activate the abdomen muscles. When you walk fast, you should feel that your abdomen muscles are tighter.

That’s where the center of power is according to tai chi. When you become aware of that, it means that you are using the energy from the right source. Your steps should be small and fast; around 140 and 160 steps a minute. If you want to walk faster swing with your arms and your legs will follow.




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