Chapati – indian unleavened bread

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200 g of flour,

100 g of black flour,

salt to taste,

lukewarm water (or whey).


Mix all ingredients well until you get somewhat soft dough. Put dough into plastic bag and put aside to stay for a half an hour.

1. First you make few balls of dough,



chapati balls

chapati balls

2. Roll the balls to the size of the pan. Heat the pan.

2014-04-29 11.03.35

3. The first side of the dough is baked briefly and when balloons get start to grow then turn the dough on the other side. That side you have to bake longer then first side.


2014-04-29 11.08.23

4. When you turn dough on for third time that must be on the open flame and then you will see how chapati is blowing up, and then is done.

2014-04-21 15.11.10

Now you can smear one side of the chapati with butter and bake for each subsequent closely following the process of turning chapati dough in the pan. One, two, and the third time on the flame.
Serve chapati with your favourite vegetarian dishes….sabji, sour cream, cheese, salad and of course, extra virgin olive oil:-). Enjoy it!


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