Cayenne – As Dietary Supplement

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Cayenne or Capsicum is a very spicy (hot) red pepper prepared from different tropical chili peppers that are bright red in color, 2-5 centimeters long and 1 inches wide in diameter.
It is believed that the name of this pepper is derived from the Greek word kian, which is the name for the paprika used among the Tupi Indians in the area of today’s French Gajane, which is named after the Cayenne River or the Cayenne Capital city.


On the other hand, it is considered that the name Capsicum comes from an old Greek word that meant ‘bruises’, and because of its effect when eating dishes with this very spicy pepper.
Today Cayenne peppers can be grown anywhere, provided they grow in a warm and humid place. The paprika needs about three months to mature. The pungent taste of Cayenne pepper comes from the pepper ingredient called capsaicin, which is found in all types of paprika, which determines the level of spiciness of each type of paprika.
Although Cayenne pepper is mostly used in culinary use, its use is increasingly widespread for medical purposes, either as an ingredient, in the pure form of powder or in capsules.
Any hot chili paprika, including Cayenne pepper, results in increased body temperature, which causes the body to cool down, stimulating our metabolism and requiring the greater activity of our body. Because of this, this pepper is often referred to as dietary supplements and detoxification of the body as it helps to burn fat. In addition, it is considered to be beneficial for digestive disorders, elevated temperatures and colds, nausea, headache, allergies, inflammatory processes, toothache, and many other illnesses and symptoms.
Cayenne causes eye irritation, and because of that is also a common component of personal protection sprays.
Cayenne pepper as a spice is mostly used in Asia, South America, and the Middle East, although its use is nowadays worldwide. Cayenne peppers can be used, dried and ground into powder or dried in flakes. Add it to various vegetables and stewed dishes, soups for extra spiciness, sauces, some drinks, etc.


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