Bosnian breakfast – Presnac with corn flour

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Photo by Vegetarian Plate


300 g  of fresh cheese,

2 big of cup sour cream,

50 g corn flour (the flour from white corn is better but another one will do also)

50 g of Butter (melted)

1 package baking powder (optional),

50 g wheat semolina,


1-2 big cup of yogurt or milk,

salt to taste,

refined oil.


Mix all ingredients together until you get a little more fluid dough. Put aside one cup of sour cream for the end. Heat the oven on the 250 c degrees. The bottom of the baking plate cover with enough oil to cover the bottom. Put the baking plate into the oven and wait until the oil is hot enough. Take out the baking plate and very quickly pour the dough into the baking plate and spread it evenly on the baking plate. Put it in the oven and bake it for about 25 minutes until get gold colour. Presnac need to be solid structure and with gold colour when is done. Take out the baking plate and pour the sour cream on the surface of the presnac. It is ready to serve:-))


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