Benefits of sunflower seeds

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Sunflower seeds - benefits

Old Russian recipe for blood cleansing with sunflower seeds

Try the old Russian folk recipe for cleaning the blood.

Alternative doctors recommend it for all circulatory problems – feeling cold, fatigue, tingling in the arms and legs, etc.


Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins E and B1.

With the improvement of blood circulation, helps the entire body – hair, eyes, liver, bone and muscle. Lower cholesterol and act in the prevention of cancer.

Thanks to antioxidant ingredients, reduce inflammation.

At the same time, sunflower seeds are an excellent natural sedative.


1 small cup of fresh sunflower seeds
½ liter of water


Over the seeds pour a pint of boiling water and let sit for 2 hours. Keep the lid on.

Tea drink on an empty stomach every morning, one glass and enjoy the benefits of this ancient beverage.


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