Benefits of pumpkin seeds – oil for health and enjoyment

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pumkin seed oil


Pumpkin oil  gives a special and specific flavor to many dishes.

It is obtained from the seeds or kernels of the fruit pumpkins. For the production of this oil is used pumpkin seeds which do not have scales. Thanks to the wealth of nutritional healing compounds, pumpkin seed oil is considered to be one of the most respected natural remedies.

It contains carbohydrates, minerals, protein and important unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic (n-9) acids.

It is rich in iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium, and vitamins C, E, D, K and B.
A natural cure for prostate

Besides being extremely recognized as a natural, healthy and tasty product, pumpkin seed oil is valuable because of its impact on health.

Regular consumption of pumpkin oil (at least one teaspoon per day) alleviates the difficulties of the problem of enlarged prostate.

In countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania, only a very small and insignificant percentage of the population suffers from prostate disease.

Pumpkin seeds are there part of everyday meals, and they also regularly consume  pumpkin seed oil.


Treatment of prostate with pumpkin oil
To treat an enlarged prostate you should take 2 tablespoons twice a day, for a period of three months.


After three months, take one tablespoon, once a day for a period of six months to two years.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkins, already in the first weeks of this therapy, urination problems will disappear.

It is important not to interrupt therapy.

Long-term administration of pumpkin seed oil, in addition to solve problems with the prostate and bladder, there is one positive effect – will provide a reduced effect of the hormone that causes baldness.


Improves digestion and protects the kidneys
Since ancient times pumpkin seed oil is known as a diuretic, but also an excellent means of cleansing the body of intestinal parasites.

It also helps with constipation and inflammation of the colon (colitis).

It is effective for heartburn and relieves irritable bowel syndrome.

It is a proven a strong power of this oil in the prevention of kidney damage caused by diabetes.
It helps the heart and blood vessels
Because of oleic acid in its composition, pumpkin seed oil helps to reduce elevated cholesterol.

It is effective in all cardiovascular diseases and assists the work of the heart and blood vessels.


It relieves inflammation of the bladder
Thanks to its medicinal ingredients, pumpkin seed oil relieves inflammation of the urinary system.

It stimulates urination and helps strengthen the muscles of the bladder.


The healing properties of pumpkin oil:

stimulate kidney function

untreated prostate disease

helps with cardiovascular disease

encourages the restoration of erythrocyte

strengthens the immune system

eliminating joint pain

helps with burns

beneficial effect on the health of skin and hair

positive effect on vision

relieves stress and improve your mood

enhances memory.


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