Beans with Mushrooms

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VeeeganPhoto by stacey.d
Ingredients: 600 grams of beans, salt, 5 tablespoons oil (extra virgin olive oil, for example), 20 grams of flour, half an onion, 50 grams of dried mushrooms, chopped parsley leaves, some fresh pepper, 3 tablespoons of sour cream.
Method of preparation: Soaked beans boil and add salt at the end. In the oil, fry the onion, soaked and drained fungi. At the end of frying mix chopped parsley leaves. When the juice has evaporated, put the flour. Fry a little and pour the soup of beans. Boil to a smooth paste, mix drained beans and water as needed. Food salt, put pepper and cook for about half an hour. Before serving, add sour cream. Serve with corn or buckwheat bread and a green salad (or with quinoa). Enjoy!


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