Bay Leaf – A Substitute For Factory Tobacco

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Because of its antiseptic properties, bay leaf (laurel) has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of upper respiratory tract, coughing and breathing in colds, bronchitis and flu.

Throughout history its healing was used to revitalize mental abilities.

Tea is used to stimulate mucus coughing with long-time smokers.

Ayurveda use his leafs as a substitute for tobacco, especially in the first weeks of smoking quenching.

The simplest method of smoking is the use of a dry laurel leaf. Used grounded (sliced) and sifted like tobacco, wrapped in cigarette paper and smoked in the same way as the cigarette itself.

Herbal “cigar” of Curcuma, Berry root and Black pepper

This treatment is effective in removing the mucus in the upper part of the body and alleviating headaches.



Black pepper

Berry root (dried and sifted)


Mix the equal parts of pepper, dried berry root and curcuma powder.


Add a little ghee in the mixture of spices. Mix all the ingredients and make a thick paste.

Wrap the mixture in a cloth of natural material so it looks like a cigar.

Turn it on with flame and hold it close to the nose. Inhale the smoke on your mouth and nose for a few minutes.

Help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Nausea, craving or headache are just some of the symptoms that may appear in the first weeks of smoking quenching. Use some of these healing spices as first aid when you find irresistible cigarette desire or the accompanying nausea because of the nicotine intake ceases.

Cinnamon sticks – a scent of smoke against smoking

When you have a need for tobacco, immediately get to the cinnamon stick, hold it in your mouth like a cigarette and squeeze for a few minutes because the cinnamon is effective in suppressing the craving for tobacco.

Leaf of basil – a powerful antioxidant against cigarette desire

Every morning and evening cake and sow 2-3 tablespoons of fresh basil, as this will help to calm your cigarette’s desire. Basil also treats problems caused by earlier use of tobacco because it is a powerful antioxidant that protects the heart and blood vessels, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Ginger  against nausea

During nicotine withdrawal, nausea may occur, and ginger has been very effective for this unpleasant side effect.

Use it in fresh shape – grind piece when you feel nausea. Or drink as needed 1 – 2 cup of tea a day.


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