Ayurvedic Summer Menu

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ayurvedic thaliPhoto by Catie & Linds
Prepare yourself for ‘summer’ food – fill your plates with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and make sure you’re getting enough fluids.
Breakfast: Flakes with soy or domestic goat milk and fruit salad.
Lunch: Wheat crackers, spread with vegetables and mixed salad of vegetables.
Snack: Herbal tea.
Dinner: Cooked chickpeas, rice and steamed vegetables.
Dessert: vanilla pudding or wheat semolina cooked with fruits (chilled).
Drinks: Natural fruit juice diluted with an equal amount of water.
Tip: Instead of sugar, as a sweetener use honey.


Recipe for mango lassi:

Royal Ayurvedic summer drink.
Ingredients: ½ cup fresh homemade yogurt, one large ripe mango, 1.5 glasses of water. Method of preparation: Peel the mango and cut it into cubes, then place it in a blender. Add enough water to cover the mango and mix until becomes smooth fruit pulp. Add the yogurt and the remaining water, and stir to form a smooth, creamy texture.


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