Ayurvedic carrot and nettle juice

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carrot and nettle juice


Synergy is the word that best reflects Ayurvedic art of connecting components. Therefore, it is best to do delicious combinations in which we can associate action and strength of different flavors.Tthis juice is a hybrid of three ingredients: apples, carrots and nettles, and a spicy note is a pinch of cinnamon. By changing the proportion of ingredients juice can customize your dosha and thus derive the greatest benefit for your health.


A handful or two tops of young nettle
three carrots
Two apples (red, sweet)
A pinch of cinnamon powder


Squeeze the ingredients in a juicer and drink immediately. And, how much to drink? You can regularly drink one cup in the morning.

Thus prepared juice, is balanced for all three doshas, and the balance can additionally work by adding to this combination a pinch of cinnamon. Stir and drink immediately.


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