Asafoetida – king of spices

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Asafoetida (asafetida) is along with  curcuma and curry one of the favorite exotic spices for savory dishes. It can be purchased at local centers for Vedic Culture, some health food stores and in stores with oriental foods . Asafoetida is excellent substitute for onion and garlic but contains much more  finer flavor , and best – there is no that intense feeling in the mouth and stomach like after consummation of onions and garlic . Of course , if you can not get asafoetida , you can use onions , leeks , garlic and chives . Asafoetida is normally part of the aromatic root of a large fennel Ferula asafoetida that grows in the wilds of Central Asia . It is used in small quantities . Asafoetida is very effective in prevention of distension of the stomach so that even the “horse” can be relieved of indigestion. Half of a teaspoon is enough to get fry two or three seconds on the ghee or oil after which you can add other ingredients. In indian vegetarian cuisine is often called the king of spices.


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