80 Minerals In Their Natural Form In Celtic Salt

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Celtic salt contains more than 80 minerals in their natural form

Celtic salt comes from clean, unpolluted sea located in protected areas of the coast of France. From this unpolluted sea salt is separated with traditional Celtic methods even 2,000 years old – by hand or with the help of tools made entirely of wood materials. Salt obtained or processed in such a natural way fully preserve its exceptional mineral value. It contains valuable electrolytes and more than 80 minerals in their natural form as well as elements in traces such as iron, manganese and zinc.


Some of the benefits of the Celtic salt are:
Regulates blood pressure
With adequate water intake, Celtic salt can help regulate blood pressure.
Eliminates excess mucus from the body
Not only eliminates the accumulated mucus, this salt can prevent the creation of excess mucus in the body.
Improves brain function
Celtic salt plays an important role in maintaining healthy nerve cells.
Balance blood sugar
It is particularly useful in the diet of diabetics as it allows blood sugar balance.
Alkalizing the body
The acidity in the body causes many diseases and Celtic salt has an alkalizing properties.
Increases energy
Salt and water are essential for the circulation of useful substances through cells, which gives the body energy.
Strengthens the immune system
Proper consumption of Celtic salts and minerals from it, which are in the natural form, can increase your resistance to various diseases and infections.
Allows a peaceful sleep
Celtic salt has a soothing effect on the entire nervous system and improves the quality of your sleep.
Prevents muscle cramps
Muscle cramps are caused by an imbalance of electrolytes, and Celtic salt gives to your body the necessary minerals in the correct proportions.
Increases strength and endurance
With any strenuous physical activity it should be increased also the intake of minerals. Celtic salt will preserve the balance of electrolytes in your body and give it more power.


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