7 Natural Antibiotics In Your Kitchen

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Daily Cayenne Pepper HarvestPhoto by Chris Potako
Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. They are on leading position in the total amount of prescribed medication, so it is clear that there is spinning a lot of money. However, excessive use of antibiotics leads to resistance, so it is better to use some natural cures for disease prevention, and many of these drugs are hiding in your kitchen.

Onion – reduces inflammation and heal the infection. It has a powerful compound called quercetin, which prevents cancer. Since there are a lot of great substance, onion combats free radicals that are responsible for the development of many diseases.


Garlic – has amazing antibiotic properties. The high levels of antioxidants is responsible for fights against bacteria and infection.

Cabbage – a powerful natural antibiotics that can fight off many diseases. Many people do not know, but cabbage has an lot of vitamin C. Just one cup of cabbage provides 75% of daily need for this vitamin.

Apple vinegar – also has antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Anoint in various things, from weight control and lower cholesterol.

Oregano oil and coconut oil – the miraculous fat. They fight against various infections, kill bacteria, contain a variety of antioxidants. These oils are excellent for treating colds and flu, many diseases that attack during the winter months which are extremely unpleasant.

Pepper – the spice that has a strong antibiotic effects. The best is cayenne pepper, which is one of the most effective natural antibiotics.

Saffron – another spice, although it is expensive, but has miraculous properties.


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