7 Foods That You Should Never Eat

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Homemade Microwave PopcornPhoto by Tony Crider
There are a number of foods that should be avoided under any circumstances, because such food in many ways represents a risk for your health. Here are seven foods that you should never eat, if you want to preserve your health.
1. White bread, refined flour
By definition, white bread and refined flour is generally toxic for your body because they are actually “cleaned” of all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. Therefore, the body does not know how to properly digest and assimilate that so-called food, which can lead to health problems. Refined white flour is whitened with chlor and also, bromide is added, two chemicals which are in connection with the occurrence of damage to the organs and glands.
2. Frozen food
Most ready-made frozen food is crowded with preservative, industrial salt, hydrogenated oils (trans-fatty acids) and other artificial ingredients, not to mention that these foods before freezing was cooked and thus lost the majority of nutrients (especially if – after being thawed – is heated again in a microwave oven).
3. White rice
As well as white bread, white rice has also passed “purification” by which is from the rice disappeared most of nutrients. White rice is separated from the germ and bran which gives rice characteristic brown color. White rice has nutritionally inferior quality and body is digesting differently white rice than brown rice.
4. Popcorn from the microwave
Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks among film lovers and those who often visit the cinema, but it is also one of the most unhealthy foods that you can eat. Every component of popcorn from the microwave, of genetically modified maize, through the industrial salt and preservatives, chemicals that are used to heighten the taste is unhealthy and a solid foundation for developing the disease. On top of this, popcorn from the microwave contain a chemical known as dijacetil that can destroy your lungs. If you like popcorn buy corn in the market and prepare them in the pot!
5. Artificial proteins, energy bar
These products are always in commercials shown as a healthy addition to the diet, but often that is not the case. These meal replacements contain processed soy proteins (mainly GMOs), refined sugar, trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated fat) and other harmful additives that contribute to the development of various diseases. Not all of proteins and energy supplements are harmful, of course, but before buying, read what it says on the label.
6. Margarine
Hidden in the various foods, margarine, hydrogenated – a trans-fatty acid is something you want to avoid at all costs! Contrary to the belief, butter and saturated fats are generally not harmful, especially if they originate from animals that were not fed with GMO soy and GMO corn. If such a fat is not for you, then rather hold extra virgin olive oil or other oils than margarine.
7. Dietary supplements
Many so-called weight-loss products, contain artificial sweeteners, which are neurologically harmful, and they cause digestive problems and endocrine disorders. A large number of these products also contains many chemical additives for flavor, which should replace natural fats and other ingredients in order to reduce the number of calories. Instead of that, you can consume the food from which nothing artificially is removed, food which is close to nature, including high-fat foods that arise as the nature wants, and your body will be delighted.


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