5 Good Reasons For Flax Seeds On Your Plate

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Flax seeds belong to one of the oldest human foods, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fiber, proteins, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc and selenium. They have many health benefits as follows:

  1. Good protection against cardiovascular disease

Due to the abundance of healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds are the perfect food for a healthy heart. Research shows that people who use foods rich in alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) had a lower risk of heart attack. They improve recovery after a heart attack and have been effective in its prevention. Reduce plaque in the arteries and inflammation caused by loss of elasticity of the blood vessels.

  1. Lowering your harmful cholesterol

A study from 2010 found that regular use of flaxseed helps reduce the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in the body. The researchers reported that 100 mg of flaxseed daily helps reduce not only cholesterol but also the risk of liver disease in men. Linseed contain soluble fibers which help in preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the body. For lowering LDL cholesterol, the recommendations are 2-4 teaspoons of ground flaxseed daily.


  1. They reduce risk of cancer

Flax seeds are effective in combating breast, prostate, ovarian and colon cancer. Lignans from flax seeds stop enzymes in the metabolism of the hormones which are responsible for the growth and spread of cancer cells. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are rich with alpha linoleic acid, which have potent activity against cancer. You can add flax seeds into your yogurt or smoothie, and flaxseed oil is used as a dressing for salads and grilled dishes.

  1. Stabilize blood sugar levels

In people who suffering from diabetes type 2 , flax seeds help regulate blood sugar levels. Consequently, flax seeds protect diabetic kidney disease and heart disease, and can be used with existing therapies. Include them in the preparation of soups, salads and vegetable drinks.

  1. Cleansing the body

These small seeds are an excellent natural remedy for cleansing, removal of toxins and cholesterol and are a true friend of the liver and digestive system. They strengthen the immune system and will help in addressing the symptoms of chronic fatigue, weakness, inflammation and constipation that can occur in the body as a sign of toxins.To clean the body you can use flax seeds, and flax seed oil, both are equally effective.

Soak 1 tablespoon of flax seeds in a cup of water and let stand overnight. In the morning drink the liquid (which will become gelatinous) along with seeds.


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