4 types of food from which you feel satiety

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Here is some of foods from which you feel satiety longer during your day.

A portion of oats in the morning is a great way to give your body the energy that will be slowly released throughout the whole day. In that way you will have full stomach longer period of time.


Olive oil
Polyunsaturated fat from olive oil can repel the onslaught of hunger, and this oil contains oleic acid, which helps in the breakdown of excess fat in the body. The best type of oil is extra virgin olive oil.

Beans are rich in protein and fiber, which means that you will be on the one hand long time “full”, and on the other side proteins will help strengthen your muscles and enhance their firmness.

Green tea
It helps eliminating excess fluid from the body, which reduces bloating. In addition, green tea speeds up your metabolism which leads to burning fat faster and keep you feel satiety.


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