4 benefits of hot, spicy food for health

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benefits of hot spice food

How spicy food helps your body
Spicy food gives a distinct taste to food and improves the taste, but it can do much for the health.

Red hot chili pepper, cayenne pepper, halapenjos provide a surprising number of health benefits:

Weight loss
Hot spicy food sensations coming from the compound capsaicin. Studies have shown that eating hot, spicy food can burn up to eight percent of the extra calories because they speed up metabolism. When people eat spicy foods they are satisfied with the smaller portions. One Canadian study found that men who ate an appetizer with hot sauce consumed 200 calories less than their counterparts who did not eat hot sauce.


Heart Health
Improves heart function. The same capsaicin, which creates a feeling of warmth in the tongue lowers bad cholesterol. The researchers found that capsaicin helps reduce the buildup of cholesterol and increases blood flow by blocking the gene that causes narrowing of the arteries.

Cancer prevention
There is evidence that some spicy food can have a big impact in the fight against cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, capsaicin slows the rate at which the cancer cells of prostate are spreading. In a separate study, researchers found that turmeric contains an active antioxidant curcumin, which may have a significant impact in the fight against cancer.

Lower Blood Pressure
Studies have shown that capsaicin increases levels of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessel walls and helps to normalize high blood pressure. Of all the spice cayenne pepper is the best choice for the fastest lowers high blood pressure.


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