3 Top Delicious Chutney Recipes

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Apple ChutneyPhoto by Clara S.


Chutney is Indian food, wich is in the same time very sweet and very, very spicy (hot).

1. Seb Ki Chatni (Apple Chutney)

Ingredients: 1 kg of apples, 300 g sugar, teaspoon of anise seed, teaspoon of turmeric, 5 pieces of chilli. Apples wash, peel, clean the seeds and cut into cubes the size of 2.5 cm. In a pot heat the ghee, insert anise, and when anise get brown color throw in the pot chopped chili. Then add apples, sugar and turmeric. Stir all ingredients, reduce heat, and cook until the apples do not fall apart, and until they get uniform mixture. In the end, stir well and leave to cool. Enjoy the sweet and hot taste.

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