10 Five Minute Healthy Food Ideas

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Chocolate Cherry Vegan Overnight OatsPhoto by miriamwilcox


2. Overnight Oats

Right now, making a healthy breakfast does not have to involve spending precious time slaving away over the stove. Make your favorite oatmeal the night before. You can choose steel-cut oats, flavored oatmeal or any other type that you desire. Then, you can add in whatever ingredients you want. Some people like to use their favorite smoothie ingredients. Others are satisfied with some cut up strawberries or blueberries on top of the yogurt. For a sweet taste, sprinkle on a little bit of brown sugar or cinnamon. Chocolate chips on top improve taste too. Put the oats in the fridge overnight, and you’ll have a tasty and cold breakfast to wake you up in the morning. For decorative purposes, consider storing the oats in a mason jar overnight.

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