10 Best Vegetarian Street Food Ideas

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Vegetarian dan dan noodlesPhoto by Andrea_Nguyen


2. Asian Noodle Dishes

Simply said, noodle dishes are quick, simple, nutritious and inexpensive. These dishes come from a place where there is a huge population of people on the street all day and night. This food has evolved to accommodate convenience, as well as nutrition and speed of delivery. Asian noodle dishes cover all the bases of the taste buds: sweet, savory and spicy. The noodle itself is usually a thick, wheat noodle, or else it can be buckwheat noodle or rice noodle. Vegetables commonly found in noodle bowls are peanuts, sesame, cashews, shiitake, ginger, snow peas, baby corn, cabbage, tofu, carrots, scallions and bell peppers. Dressings and sauces include rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, chili sauce and even honey.

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