10 Best Foods For Fighting Cancer

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10 best foods for fighting cancer


Substances from spinach and mangold stop the growth of cancer cells. Flavonoids in beets delay the development of breast cancer by stopping playback of DNA in the cell.

The Polish study, which involved hundreds of women in Poland and Poles who lived in the United States, found that women who ate three or more servings of fresh, lightly cooked or pickled cabbage per week had even 72 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate only half a serving per week.

More studies have shown that anthocyanins, flavones and proanthocyanidins from cranberry are important in the fight against cancer which is already active.

Many studies showed that the celery and his ingredients acted to prevent the growth of breast cancer. Research on animals has shown that celery has effect on the liver and pancreas cancer.


Research on mice have shown that turmeric stopped lung metastases in breast cancer and to help in the production of taxol, a chemotherapeutic drug for breast cancer, which would be more effective and less toxic.


Use turmeric in everyday cooking, and a teaspoon of turmeric powder daily, mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil with the addition of black pepper, and it can be taken as an extract at 1.5 g per day. When the mice in laboratories was given higher doses of turmeric in a period of five days, the result was significantly stop the cancer cells.

Black grapes
Several studies linking grapes with stopping the growth of cancer cells. Resveratrol, a key phytonutrient located in the skin of grapes, has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity. Grapes contain the carotenoid lycopene, which can help prevent breast cancer. Be careful when buying black grapes, which can be sprayed several times with insecticids.

Due to the richness of plant fiber buckwheat is excellent for bowel and helps with constipation. Timely bowel movements is important because in this way ejects excess estrogen, which can stimulate tumor growth. It contains substances lignans, which have a protective role in breast cancer.

Green tea
It contains polyphenol catechin, which is considered as an important antioxidant. Catechin slows down the formation of new blood vessels needed for the growth of cancer and accelerates the deterioration of cancer cells. It is important that when preparing the tea, leave the potion to stand for 10 to 15 minutes in the water when the optimum amount of catechins will passed into water.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity due to its bioactive components gingerol, shogaolima and zigeronima. One study showed that the active ingredient of ginger 6-gingerol causes a reduction in tumor mass in mice.

Dark chocolate
Cocoa from dark chocolate contains more Phytochemical substances than green tea, blueberries and red wine. Flavonoids from dark chocolate, and epicatechin, catechin, and proanthocyanidins, can slow tumor growth. Of course, make sure that the chocolate you eat have no sugar, which is contraindicated in tumors.


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