Vegetarian tortillas – quick and easy

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vegetarian tortillasedited


The dough for tortillas

(for 3 persons):

1 cup finely ground corn flour,

2 cups smooth white flour,

1 teaspoon salt,

hot water (if applicable).


Mix flour, salt and warm water and knead smooth dough.


From dough make balls and roll them with rolling pin into a thin circle.

Tortillas should be thin, should not stick to the surface or hands (sprinkle the dough with some flour during the rolling).

Tortilla smear with dairy cream cheese or some other cream as desired and fill them with vegetables.

Heat the pan and put tortilla dough on it. The first side of the dough is baked briefly and when balloons get start to grow then turn the dough on the other side. That side you have to bake longer then first side. When you turn dough on for third time apply oil on the pan and roast tortilla on medium flame until golden brown in colour.


How to prepare vegetables for tortillas?

it is necessary:

1 large pepper (or 2 small)

1 large cucumber

2 medium size tomatoes

300 g of cooked vegetables.

Chop into small cubes of fresh vegetables. Boiled corn, peas (etc.), then mix with raw vegetables and add spices (turmeric, curry, etc).


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