Vegetarian lasagna with chard and mushrooms

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vegetarian lasagna1


dough for lasagna from the store (no eggs),

half a bundle of Swiss chard,

1 teaspoon asafoetida,

1 can peeled tomatoes (preferably fresh tomatoes),

100 g of soy flakes,

300 g button mushrooms,

300 g of cheese (Edam or Gouda),

100 g feta cheese,

handfull of chopped green olives,

extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper,  turmeric, curry, parsley (fresh if possible), dried rosemary, oregano.

*Chard wash and cook briefly and then remove, drain and leave to cool a little.

*In the heated oil put rosemary, asafoetida and after a few seconds, add chopped olives. Stir for a few seconds and then add little water, Add soy flakes and stirr few secondes. When they swollen immediately – quickly pour canned chopped Pelati  or fresh tomatoes with some tomato sauce, curry powder, oregano, dry or fresh parsley, salt to taste, extra virgin olive oil. Stir and allow the sauce to boil.

fill for lasagna1


Clean and cut mushrooms into slices. Briefly fry mushrooms on the asafetida, put salt and drain excess liquid. Cut chard and add it in the mushrooms along with feta cheese.

fill for lasagna
Oiled ovenproof dish and agree lasagna – put on the bottom sheets of pastry and put half the sauce, then again sheets of dough and put mushrooms and Swiss chard, again sheets of dough and put rest of the sauce.

Cover with the last sheets of dough which can be coated lightly with oil. Insert lasagna in a well-heated oven and bake for about 35 minutes at 220-250 degrees.

At the end of pull out lasagna, sprinkle with grated cheese, return to oven and the cheese will melted and lightly get browned. When the lasagna is ready, add the chopped parsley and oregano wich will absorb in the melted cheese, wait to cool slightly and serve warm with mixed salad.

vegetarian lasagna


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