Traditional Scottish Dundee Cake

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Boiled Dundee CakePhoto by elstro_88

Traditional Scottish Dundee Cake

For 10 people

120 g of soft brown sugar
125 g of black raisins (of black grapes)
160 g of classic brown raisins
80 g of golden raisins (white grapes)
60 g of candied lemon and orange scallops
50 g of blanched almonds
40 g of ground almonds
60 g of flour
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of ribbon shell lemon
1 teaspoon of ribbon shell orange


125 g butter
100 g of wholly blanched almonds


Mix butter with sugar until a foamy mixture is formed. Then combine the dry ingredients with the cooker in the mixture. Mix it in a greased round mold of 15 cm diameter that you previously wrapped in the paper and fastened it with a spatula (used to keep the cake kept upright). Smooth the surface of the cake and place almonds on it. Bake for about two hours at 150 ˚C (without fan) at the middle height bar to which you have arranged several layers of newspaper paper. Newspapers serve that the cake does not burn because of the long cooking time. When you remove it from the oven, pour the top of the cake with baking paper, then wrap it with aluminum foil and then with a thicker cloth and let it cool. This prevents moisture from leaking from cake and to be softer.

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