Tongue cleaning

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient ayurvedic method , which is now becoming more popular because it effectively treats halitosis . However , this method has other health benefits and can be an important element of your program for cleaning the body . While we sleep , our body is concerned with the removal of toxins from the body . Tongue  is one of the organs through which the body eliminates toxins from the digestive tract. Part of these toxins is manifested as white deposits on the tongue.

If you gently scrap tongue every morning , you can clean it of toxins and get rid of bad breath .

The benefits of cleaning the tongue:

Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner ( Jiva sodhana ) is practiced in India for hundreds of years .

Cheranda Samhita considered clean tongue essential for maintaining the health of teeth and oral cavity .

The dirt that accumulates in the root of the tongue , prevents normal breathing and creates odor and therefore is needed to clean tongue every day . Regular cleaning of tongue  frees him from white layers , improves the sense of taste , removes unpleasant odor from the mouth and protects the health of your teeth and mouth.


White thin layer , which covers our tongue  , means that there live a millions of bacteria . Tongue cleaning is recommended for people who suffer from frequent infections of the ear , nose and throat .

Tongue cleaner removes bacteria that multiply in the tongue and in this way prevents further infection .

Maintaining clear tongue also normalizes digestion . (Ayurveda believes that the process of digestion starts in the mouth when saliva mixes with food. )

Tongue cleaner not only cleans , but also gently massaged tongue . This is important because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine  there is a multitude of acupuncture points located on the tongue.

How to use the tongue cleaner?

Tongue cleaners can be made ​​of gold , silver, copper , brass and stainless steel . Recently even appeared and plastic tongue cleaner .

Extend your tongue out . Grasp the tongue cleaner for both ends and try to reach to the very roots of tongue. Then you need to gently scrape the tongue from back to the front 4-5 times. After every time you need to remove white “ama” (toxins) from cleaner . When you are done, rinse mouth and cleaner, and then wipe cleaner.

Repeat the procedure for cleaning the tongue every morning after waking up .

tongue cleaner

tongue cleaner


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