Tomato – Treasury Of Healthy Benefits

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Tomato, which is not really a vegetable but a fruit, is a very useful food. It is rich in various nutrients and can be prepared in many ways. That is why it is an indispensable part of a healthy diet.
Tomato is best known for the high content of lycopene – an antioxidant necessary for our body.


A cancer fighter and many other diseases

Lycopene helps fight cancer cells and is effective in many other diseases. This powerful antioxidant protects our body from free radicals and premature aging. Tomato is packed with this important antioxidant, giving it a lavish red color. Our body can not only create lycopene, so it is necessary to feed it with food.
While other fruits and vegetables contain this important ingredient, none of them can boast such high lycopene content as the tomato.
More research on tomato healing is underway in the scientific world. Consuming tomatoes brings more health benefits than scientists can describe at least for now. Research has confirmed that tomato can prevent not only cancer but also heart and blood vessels.
Taking large doses of lycopene can prevent prostate cancer, cervix, Hoses and many other types of cancer.
In the experiments conducted, lycopene was injected into the already existing cancer culture, which stopped their further growth. This is a powerful proof of outstanding healing properties of tomatoes.
Only 540 ml of tomato juice is enough for the body to get a high dose of lycopene. This means that one cup of tomato juice a day can help you stay in perfect health all your life.
It is interesting to note that tomato is healthy not only in raw but also in cooked form because when cooking the usability of lycopene grows, it does not diminish.
Although a lot of research has already been done in the field of tomato activity on human health, it is only the beginning, as scientists realize that the full potential of tomato has not yet been revealed.
Tomato is one of the healthiest foods able to protect a man from the worst diseases.
In the market, you can find so many different tomato products that it is really not difficult to ensure sufficient input of these foods and experience its extraordinary properties.


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