Sunflower seeds pate (suitable for ekadasi)

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sunflower seeds pate

A delicious and healthy pate for the whole family

Replace unhealthy pate with delicious, healthy and nutritious sunflower and nuts pate . In the morning you will provide enough energy to start the day, and you can use it for birthdays and gatherings as a spread for crackers and bread.


150g of sunflower seeds,

100 g of sesame,

100g peanuts,

50g almonds,

½ teaspoon asafoetida,

pinch of curry,

slightly boiled water,

spices to taste; Oregano, Mediterranean spices, etc.



Sunflower seeds, fry a few minutes in a dry pan. Sunflower and sesame seeds grind in a food processor , add peanuts, almonds, spices (salt, pepper) and a little boiled water. Mix and grind the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Decorate as desired – parsley or basil leaves. Rub on a piece of whole wheat bread and enjoy!

*If you want the pate to be suitable for ekadasi, remove curry, add grated asafoetida resin, and serve pate with baked potato ekadasi and some salad.


sunflower seeds pate1


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