Sugar: The Silent Killer

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You eat it every day, but you might not be aware of how harmful is and in which food is located.

It is a sugar which nutritionists, doctors and scientists called the silent killer and bioweapon 21st century.

Today we have a true epidemic of obesity, recorded for the first time in the history of mankind.

World Health Organization (WHO) warns us that the situation is alarming.

They warns us that sugar intake should not exceed 5% of the total daily energy you get from food. For women, it’s about 25 grams and 35 grams for men.

Study of eating habits show that intakes of sugar is up to 10 times more per person

It is a burden that our body is hard to bear.

It changes your metabolism and promotes disease

Sugar changes the whole metabolism, promotes weight gain and is one of the main causes of type II diabetes. Sugar promotes asthma, mood swings, accelerates the development of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Many scientists is looking for its impact in other public health problems – cancer.
It has been shown that the lower glucose exposure increases the chances of a successful fight immune system against cancer cells. It has been shown, however, that cancer cells consume sugar to sustain its growth. In addition, it will stop the growth of cancer cells, reduced the amount of sugar in the body and will extend the life span of healthy cells, say researchers.

Desserts create greater pleasure than cocaine

Sugars, studies have shown, have a strong effect on the brain and leads to addiction, such as drugs, smoking or alcohol.


In a study by professors, researchers and students conducted at several universities, it has been proven that sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine or morphine. In laboratory studies, rats were rather taken sweets, than cocaine and other narcotics.

The reason is – pleasure, explains in the conclusion of one of the experiments Professor. Joseph Schroeder of the University of Connecticut.

Rats were returning to the sweets longer than to the cocaine or morphine because fats and sugars from sweets are far more successful than drugs in stimulating neurons in the brain area responsible for pleasure.

To resolve these dependencies, you need to drastically change your lifestyle

Sugar is always – sugar

Even today, you can begin to live healthier, but it is necessary to have in mind one information. Sugar is always – sugar.

Regardless of whether they are white or brown sugar, or artificial sweeteners that you use as a replacement.

Make sure the foods you are buying is sugar free because there is a sugar in a food such as yogurt, pasta, soups, sauces and porridge for children.

Sugar in production comes in various forms:

• Corn syrup
• dextrose
• fructose
• glucose
• invert sugar (glucose and fructose)
• isoglucose
• levulose (fructose)
• maltose (malt)
• molasses
• sucrose

Buy only tested products and whenever you have the chance, get fresh fruits and vegetables that you have grown or from the manufacturer that you trust.

Calculate how much sugar you eat a day

One teaspoon of sugar is equal to the amount of one cube of sugar, which amounts to about 5 grams.

Your maximum daily intake should be up to 25 grams of sugar for women and up to 35 grams for men.

For example:

cereal with milk – 3 teaspoons sugar
cup of apple juice – 3 tsp sugar
Coffee – 2 teaspoons sugar

Unfortunately, your daily dose of sugar you could exceed already at breakfast or during the morning.

For the sweet life you dont need a lot of sugar, just a lot of healthy choices, and with them you can start today.


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