Strawberry cake

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*For biscuit:

100 – 150 g flour,
100 g sugar,
100 g butter,
3 tablespoons cold water,
1 baking powder

*for fill:

1 liter of milk,

3 vanilla pudding,

5 large spoons of sugar,

three cups of sour cream.

*for dressing

500 g strawberries,

1 topping for cakes, colorless.

Method for biscuit:

Mix all ingredients in a crisp biscuit dough. Roll out with rolling pin and place in greased baking dish. The filling is placed on biscuit which is prepared as follows:

Method for fill:

In a liter of milk cook three vanilla pudding and five tablespoons of sugar. When the pudding get cool add sour cream and mix well. Filling put on the biscuit and put it all together bake at 180 C degrees .


Method for dressing:

Put on the cooled cake in half chopped strawberries and pour all prepared topping for cakes on the strawberries. Put in the fridge to cool and serve chilled.

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