Stevia – The Best Natural Source of Sugar

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SteviaPhoto by Fluffymuppet
It originates from South America where more than 1500 years is used as a natural sweetener and healthy ingredient. Stevia leaf is 40 times sweeter than sugar and extract of stevia 300 times. It is suitable for those who are trying to lose weight, diabetics, people who are on anti-candida diet, as well as for patients suffering from cancer and other diseases in which it is important to limit the intake of refined sugar. Although it is very sweet and has very rich flavor, stevia does not contain calories. In addition to being non-caloric, this herb increases energy, which is of great importance for those who are on a diet. Stevia Benefits: strengthens the immune system, helps fight bacteria and germs, is effective for anemia, prevents the growth of candida, helps with type 2 diabetes, increases energy, strengthens mental faculties, promotes detoxification, lowers high blood pressure, reduces blood fat levels, slows the development of osteoporosis, helps with addiction.

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