(Non) vegetarianism and humanity

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Vrindavan (2)

Photo by Vegetarian Plate

” CHILDREN Steve, Marc and George SAVED Bobbie from euthanasia ! The dog is supposed to be dormant-killed  before Christmas ” .

Titles like this are increasingly meeting the daily newspaper .

In any case , it is good and positive with one point of view but if you scratch the surface of things in reality and descend deeper into a dark hole in the history of mankind and his ” ethics ” and  Western ” culture “, from the dark hole can show up various creatures and show us a face of our common truth and destiny . We saved a little dog before Christmas , because it is Christian way…. but  we should try to be honest and admit our own faults and ignorance in other aspects.

Scene One: Many people will say ” dog is man’s best friend ” or ” in my life I did not hurt a fly , or  better ” I love animals ,” implying that the only ones that he can cuddle or subtle enjoy their company : rabbits , cats , and the some of birds …..

Scene Two: The same person in the next moment will open the fridge and on the table will find most of man’s friends , but of course , not a puppy , cat , etc.

Basically , it’s an everyday scenario of the Western civilized man . There is many ways to prove and overlook the mass killing on the planet and maintenance of mass slaughterhouses . There is nothing else but heaps of hypocrisy and envy toward other creatures . The man is the biggest selfish creature of all living creatures. He will not move his ass to show a willingness to sacrifice himself and to show compassion for the weak , except for his  family .


Dog is man’s best friend and therefore , do not touch our faithful , most faithful , loyal friend. He always crazy barks when someone passes , so he prove his loyalty , then , he respond to my whistle and it makes me feel respected and superior at least once , and therefore , who would not want such a friend! ? On the other hand , the cow is not man’s best friend . Well, except that it gives to us about 15 liters of milk per day , of which we can only make butter , cheese, cream , sour cream , yogurt , sour milk , ghee ( butter )  etc….she is doing nothing else to make me happy.  So lets use her for meat industry…….That is western mentality.

Okay , that’s enough irony and cynicism . We will try to present some facts about ourselves , about our home and our prosperous and hospitable planet .

Leo Tolstoy: ” Killing animals for food man himself unnecessarily stifles the highest spiritual feeling – sympathy and compassion towards other living beings – destroying his own feelings he becomes cruel …. As long as we are the living graves of murdered animals , how can we expect any ideal conditions of life on earth ? ” Leonardo da Vinci said: ” the man is truly the king of beasts , for his brutality exceeds theirs . We live by the death of others. We are living cemetery ! The time will come when man will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men . “

Mahatma Gandhi : “I feel that spiritual progress requires that at a certain level man should stop killing fellow creatures to satisfy desires for the flesh . ” ” Size of a nation can be judged by the way it deals with animals .”

According to statistics , ” FAO Production Yearbook ” , 1984th , vol 38 , in the world is killed 1.6 million cattle , 22.5 million poultry and fish around a trillion . Imagine what is now, 30 years later . Today it is around 50 billion livestock and poultry killed on the planet. But do not forget , we’re the kind that would not hurt a fly and even the ants.  So, in that distant  1984th has “humanely” killed 229 249 000 cattle and calves , 7,269,000 buffalo , 409.5 million sheep , goats 177 296 000 , 765 424 000 pigs , 4,032,000 horses , 21902400000 chickens, 234,000 000 ducks , 372,300,000 turkeys , etc.

Further , the problem of hunger is created artificially . 90% of U.S. grain production and about 75 % of Great Britany goes for cattle . To produce 1kg of meat in live animals takes about 15kg of grain . How many people can eat 1kg of meat and how many  15kg of wheat and grains? …………..And so on, and so on….

So, lets us do something good for this planet and ourselves…become vegetarian!


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