Kefir smoothie

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Kefir and pumpkin juice

Strengthening of immunity is the first step in the prevention of the flu or colds. Nutrition plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, and there are drinks that are affordable and easy to prepare, and because of them your immunity will be stronger and you will resist seasonal diseases.

Kefir is, with pumpkin, the main ingredient of this drink.


Kefir can be used as a pharmaceutical remedy in large amounts but only for a short period (such as this drink). Or after chemotherapy where 4 cups daily may be acceptable. There is a need for a break once a week or so, when you do not consume kefir at least one day. Even in Tibet there is a belief that it is best to drink only two cups a day, and after 20 days rest for ten days.


Follow dr Malahovov great recipe that strengthens digestion and imununitet.

The infusion of kefir and a pumpkin for a powerful digestion and lifting immunity:


4 cup natural kefir (of kefir fungi),
150 grams of cooked and ground pumpkin,
1 tablespoon of natural honey.

Take 4 cups of kefir (about 8 dl) and 150 grams of cooked and ground pumpkin.

Mix well, then add a tablespoon of natural honey.

This is really a great drink that extraordinary effect on the organs of digestion and strengthens the immune system throughout the body.


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