Healthy meals – Gomashio spice

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Gomashio is actually a little toasted sesame seeds, milled with sea salt. In macrobiotics and the Far East (especially in Japan) is mainly used for sprinkling food because of its nutritional value. Sesame is rich in calcium that is easily absorbed and with many other nutrients. Gomashio without salt is recommended for babies, older than 6 months. Gomashio gives excellent taste when is sprinkled over plain white rice, steamed vegetables, bread spread with butter, salad…



Sesame (if you find integral), it is necessary to wash and bake in a dry pan until get golden brown color and starts to give off a nice smell.

Add salt to taste (1 / 8 – 1 / 15), grind in a pestle or in a blender and stored in a glass container with a good lid.
You can also add other ground seeds (but this is not true gomashio). To improve the amount of nutrients in foods, especially for children, grind various seeds and add spoon-two, – especially in the dough (pancakes, pizza, donuts, bread, croissants ..), but it is great for sprinkling all sorts of savory dishes.

This is how gomashio look like on steamed vegetables and topped with olive oil and a little sesame:




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