Health benefits of kefir

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Kefir is a delicious and nutritious milk drink originating from the Caucasus.

According to legend, instructions for its preparation natives get directly from the Prophet Muhammad, together with the commandment about keeping secrets.

The inhabitants of the Caucasus, which are believed that everyday enjoyment of this healing potion is giving them vitality and longevity, are for centuries jealously guarded the secret of preparing kefir.



Medicinal properties of kefir

This tasty, sour and refreshing drink is made from so-called kefir fungus, although it is actually a symbiotic beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Experience has shown that kefir is beneficial to health, and cures or helps in the treatment of many diseases and ailments.

Regular consumption of kefir:

strengthens the immune system ,
cleanses the body of toxins ,
helps establish normal blood pressure ,
lowers cholesterol levels,
helps with stomach illness ,
renewed flora and relieves bowel disease,
helps with liver disease, kidney and gall bladder,
cures inflammation (a natural antibiotic),
helps with anemia and poor circulation,
untreated respiratory disease ,
helps with stress, insomnia and nervous system diseases ,
slow the spread of cancer cells ,
acts against fungi and bacteria,
helps with asthma and allergies.


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