Fried peppers stuffed with mozzarella (ekadasi)

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mozzarela peppers2


*for two people

4 large green peppers,

200 grams of mozzarella, cut into 4 thick slices,

pinch of curry,

pinch of salt,

half a decilitre of olive oil,

a pinch of dried parsley and oregano,

Oil for frying.


1. Clean (cut round) peppers from the stems. Remain them whole with a hole from above,

2. In a medium bowl, mix olive oil, salt, curry, parsley and oregano. Put it aside.


3. Heat in the pan about 2 dl oil and then insert peppers and cover it with a lid. Fry (stew) peppers about 5-7 minutes, turning them two or three times to prevent them from burning. When peppers are finished , remove them from the pan and gently insert into each peppers slice of mozzarella.

In the end, put on the surface of the peppers mixture of olive oil, salt, curry, parsley and oregano. Peppers will become compact with mozzarella and you will enjoy the beautiful and tasty meal. Serve with your favourite meal and salad! It is also suitable for ekadasi if you avoid curry powder.

mozzarela peppers1


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