French salad without eggs

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Preparation time: 45 min



200 grams of cooked fresh peas,
200 g of cooked carrots, diced,
200 grams of boiled potatoes cut into cubes,
2 gherkins diced,
half sour apple, chopped into cubes,
handful of cooked corn,
chopped parsley,
3 dl mayonnaise without eggs (various options: homemade or bought tofuneza, 2 dl yoghurt if you are on a diet),
3 dl sour cream,
juice of 1 lemon,
chopped parsley and lemon slices for garnish.

Method: Mix all ingredients in a bowl, garnish with parsley leaves and lemon slices and serve chilled.

Domestic tofuneza

Ingredients: 300 gr of white tofu,
juice of 1 lemon,
1 tablespoon sugar,
1 tablespoon of oil.


Mix all ingredients thoroughly in an electric mixer. You can add a little water.

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