Famous vegetarians – Radio persons

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famous vegetarians

Dianne Oxberry (Radio One Weather Girl)

Photo by http://newstevesnewscaps.blogspot.com/

For inspiration……………some famous persons – vegetarians – from radio buisnes:


Tony Blackburn
Jackie Brambles
Fat Tony
Kevin Greening (BBC radio 1 DJ. Openly gay. One of (if not the!) wittiest personalities on radio.)
Meg Griffin Source: New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
Casey Kasem (also on TV)
Chris Mitchell (DJ on KGVM-FM in Nevada, USA; Assistant Sysop, CompuServe Vegetarian Forum;20+ years as vegetarian.)
John Peel
Janice Long
Dianne Oxberry (Radio One Weather Girl)
Peter Simon (Children’s BBC)
Judi Spiers (Pebble Mill)
Claire Sturgess
Dave Lee Travis (“A Jolly Good Show”, BBC Worldservice) Source: He said it during his programme.
Shelton Walden (Host/Producer of “Walden’s Pond”, noted weekly radio program on animal rights, human rights, veganism, and the environment. The first radio program of its kind in New York City) (vegan) Source: Self
Ron de Rijk (Dutch sportscaster)
pierre robert (a insanely popular radio deejay in philadelphia on 93.3 philadelphia) (vegan) Source: he said it numerous times on the radio


Source http://www.vegetarijanstvo.net/


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