Dhal recipe

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Dhal recipe


Dhal recipe from yellow lenses

(Ingredients for 4 persons)

100 g yellow lenses
a pinch of asafoetida
1 large tomato chopped into cubes
1 zucchini chopped into cubes
piece of grated fresh ginger
½ teaspoon ground sweet paprika
½ tsp ground coriander
1 tsp curry
600 ml water
1 tsp mustard seeds
extra virgin olive oil.



In the cooking pan fry zucchini in a little extra virgin olive oil over medium heat and add a pinch of asafoetida. Mix, add the lentils and all spices except mustard seeds and salt. Briefly fry and add tomatoes. Mix and after two minutes, add water. Allow to boil. When a boil, cover, reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, until the lenses do not get cooked. When cooked, remove the lid and cook for another five minutes. If desired, add salt. Then remove from the heat.
At pan, heat a spoon of extra virgin olive oil and add the mustard seeds. When it starts to crackle, remove from heat and pour over the lens. Serve hot with rice and, if desired, with Indian bread chapati.

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