Detoxify Your Kidneys With Spring Juices

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The kidneys are paired organs that continuously clean the blood of toxins. Toxins are substances that the body cannot process and eject them out of the body because it can cause various disorders and diseases.
Kidneys purify about 200 L of blood on a daily basis. Cleaning them will improve kidney function and prevent the formation of scale, but also strengthen the immune system, normalize blood pressure and improve the function of the bladder.
The kidneys perform the following important functions:
• They remove waste products from the metabolism,
• regulate blood pressure,
• assist in the creation of red blood cells,
• activate vitamin D,
• synthesize prostaglandins,
• regulate blood acidity,
• maintain the balance of body fluids,
• regulate electrolyte balance.
The following symptoms are the most common indications that your kidneys need cleaning:
• you feel fatigue, get tired easily and faster than usual,
• feel pain in the kidneys after certain foods (particularly processed),
• have skin problems such as eczema, acne or rashes,
• there is a hormonal imbalance and you feel depressed,
• in the past you had kidney stones,
• you gain weight and feel bloated,
• you have frequent or irregular urination,
• you have inflammation of the urinary tract.
Kidney detoxification is a simple process that often requires no special method or complicated preparations. There are many ways to cleanse the kidneys. All of them have in common that you should increase intake of fluids – water or natural juices. At the same time avoiding the coffee, chocolate, and an excessive amount of protein.
Cleaning juice is very effective. The juices combine the natural power of fruits and vegetables and contain numerous antioxidants and nutrients needed to remove toxins.
We bring you a recipes that stimulate the detoxification of the kidneys and remove toxins from the body.


1. The kale juice

Kale both protects and cleans the kidneys and liver. It is rich in flavonoids and organosulphate that enhance the antioxidant function of the liver.
• 1 handful of kale
• ½ cup of fresh parsley
• piece of fresh ginger root, about 2.5 cm
• ½ lemon without seeds
• ½ green apples without seeds
Wash the ingredients and put them in blender. drink juice immediately after blending.

2. The carrot, cucumber and beetroot juice

Beetroot is excellent for removing toxins, while at the same time it helps the body to regenerate red blood cells. Carrots and cucumbers help the excretion of uric acid, which prevents the occurrence of kidney stones.
• 3 medium sized carrots
• 1 cucumber, medium size
• ½ beetroot
Wash the ingredients and place in a blender. Consume this drink every day.

3. Dandelion juice

Dandelion is well known blood purifier and is often used in many programs of detoxification.
• 3 leaf dandelion
• ½ green apple, without seeds
• 2 stalks of celery
• 1 lemon, without seed
• 1 large stalk of broccoli
Squeeze the ingredients in a juicer and drink while fresh.

4. The radish juice

Radishes are excellent not only for purifying kidneys, but also for the liver and gallbladder. It protect the body against infection and have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.
• 1 cup of radishes
• 1 cup of purple cabbage
• 1 rib of celery stalks
Wash the ingredients and place them in blender. Consume immediately.


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