Cumin (Roman cumin seeds – Jeera)

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Roman cumin

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ROMAN cumin (Jeera) – (Do not replace the ordinary cumin with Roman cumin, there is huge difference) .

It is the seed of the plant from the parsley family Cuminum cyminum . The seeds are yellowish -brown, oblong , oval , and have a warm , slightly bitter and aromatic flavor . Traditionally used in the north – Indian , Oriental and South American cuisine . As with most spices in the grain , its best flavor comes to the fore after the little fry in a dry pan or in oil before adding other ingredients .Roman cumin can be purchased at local centers for Vedic culture and oriental food stores .


According to Ayurveda, cumin balances all three dosha. Cumin helps with digestion and he flushes toxins from the body. Can be used either in the form of whole seeds or powder, raw or fried. When cumin is milled in raw form then he has a dark brown color which increases when cumin is fried on the oil or ghee. Cumin goes well with many other spices, such as turmeric (curcuma), kalonji, ajwan, coriander powder, cinnamon, etc.

Sprinkle  yogurt with minced dry roasted cumin, add salt and enjoy a meal. Or, mix yogurt, water (compared to 50-50), with the ground, dry-roasted cumin and add salt according to your taste. This drink is called “lassi” in India and is great for improving digestion.

Whole cumin seeds fried in oil or ghee, make a great addition to lenses (dahl)  or various soups of legumes.


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