Cucumbers With Potatoes

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20110715- RD- LSC-0001Photo by USDAgov
Ingredients: 750 grams of potatoes, 1 kilogram of cucumbers, 50 grams of butter or oil, 20 to 30 grams of flour, 3 garlic cloves, pepper, vinegar, salt, if desired-add a bit of curry or turmeric. Method of preparation: Peeled and chopped potatoes cook in salted water. Meanwhile make light roux of flour and oil and mix squeeze garlic into it. Add peeled and grated cucumber. Pour cold water and boil to a smooth paste. Pour the potatoes which are mashed together with water from the cooking. Add pepper to taste, boil and acidify. Cucumber is better simmer without water. When the juice has evaporated, add the garlic, flour, a little fry and pour. So boiled, pour on the crushed potatoes. You can serve this dish with veggie patties and seasonal salad.


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