Cheese pie – homemade traditional balkan pie (Gibanica)

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cheese pie - gibanica


450 g of plain flour or

450 g of strudel dough bought in sheets,

1 teaspoon oil,

salt to taste,

250 g soft cheese,

250 g aged sour cream,

4 cups of  milk,

1/2 cup of ghee or refined oil.




Put flour with salt into a bowl, add a teaspoon of oil, make a well in the centre and work in lukewarm water until dough is pliable but not too soft. Knead well, divide into five parts. Knead each part separately into a round ball. Let them stand for 30 minutes. Cover the table with a tablecloth, flour it. Take each ball of dough and put it on the tablecloth. Stretch the dough out into sheet 1/8 inch thick by pulling gently with the tips of the fingers on all sides. Let the sheets dry a little. Cut into the shape and size of the baking dish. Bake each piece on both sides in the oven on pre-warmed, upturned baking sheet, or toast it on a hot plate for a short time. Most housewives now buy ready-made sheets of pastry.


Crumble cheese with fork and mix well with sour cream. Stir in milk, mix well until thick and creamy. Oil baking dish. Take one pastry sheet , dip it into the mixture and place it on the botton of the baking dish, but leave it slightly wrinkled. Repeat until only three pieces of pastry remain. Pour half of the mixture into the dish. Cover with three pieces of pastry. Pour the remaining mixture over the pie. Heat well the remaining oil and sprinkle pie with it. Put into the oven, 200 C degrees. Prick with fork several times while baking. It is done when the upper crust is golden brown and when the pie detaches itself from the sides of the baking dish and the cheese mixture has been soaked up.




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